How to choose a Rug for your home?

How to choose a Rug for your home?

Choosing the right Rug for your space can be a daunting task. Here at miarlo we believe in the mantra ‘Quality over Quantity” when making purchases for your home. A conscious and considered choice to invest in a Rug that will stand the test of time is better for your wallet in the long run and better for the environment. With that in mind, it is important when you are choosing your rug to consider where in your home it will live. Is your rug in a high traffic area? Do you have children or pets? Do you wear shoes inside your home? The answers to these questions can help you narrow down your search for your perfect Rug.

The beauty of rugs is that they are purchased for a number of different reasons. Are you buying a rug purely to accessorise and provide warmth to your room? Do you have a large living space and need a rug to create a ‘zone’ within the space? Or is your room just a little flat and you want to add a textural element to liven it up?

 (Pictured: Casablanca - Steel, Casablanca - Ivory, Casablanca - Beige )

Where is your rug going?

Considering how much foot traffic your rug will endure can help you narrow down the style of your rug, the colour of your rug and the material of your rug. 

For example; 
Is your rug going in a high traffic/busy area like an entrance way or hallway? Choose an extremely durable Rug made of Jute. Jute is a durable, natural material capable of withstanding high foot traffic and general wear and tear. 

Byron Rug Natural

(Pictured: Byron Rug Natural)

Is your rug going under a dining table? A low pile/flat weave rug will last longer due to the constant friction from chair movement and it will be easier to keep clean. 

Highly detailed or raised rug designs are better suited to bedrooms where the foot traffic is low. Thick shaggy rugs are an excellent choice for the home office due to their sound insulating properties.

Unsure which size of rug is best for your space? Read our Rug Sizing guide here

Which Rug Material is best?

The answer again depends on what use your Rug is intended for. 


Wool blend rugs will always be a sound choice. Wool is a 100% natural and renewable fibre making it great for the environment. Wool Rugs are easy to clean, spill and stain resistant, insulating, flame resistant, antibacterial and its natural properties make it great for asthma and allergy sufferers. Wool rugs are soft and luxurious and definitely worth the price point as they will outlast synthetic fibres. 

Lebanon White Grey Wool Rug

(Pictured: Lebanon White Grey Rug)


Cotton Rugs are also a great choice as they are easy to clean and beautifully soft. The perfect rug for using in kids bedrooms or playrooms.


Polyester is an extremely popular material for rugs. Why? Polyester is a plastic making the rugs very durable. Polyester rugs are known to come in a range of beautiful colours and designs due to their exceptionally ability to hold vibrant colours. Because polyester is synthetic, the price point is very budget friendly. Here at miarlo we have a massive range of gorgeous polyester rugs.

Miarlo Mode Ivory Lines RugMiarlo Mode Navy Rug

(Pictured: Mode Rug Ivory Lines & Mode Rug Navy


Polypropylene is an extremely durable and affordable material. Better than Polyester at repelling moisture and spills and also less likely to fade or grow mould. Polypropylene rugs are said to have a similar, cosy feeling to that of Wool rugs.

Due to advances in technology indoor/outdoor Polypropylene rugs are fast becoming the rug of choice. Polypropylene is a low-maintenance and strong material. Spills will not penetrate the synthetic fibres making these rugs super easy to keep clean. Our range of outdoor rugs have a stunning, high-end loop pile look that looks as luxurious as wool making it an amazing option for the family home. 

Vienna Linen Rug
Vienna Linen RugVienna Grey Rug
(Pictured: Outdoor Vienna Rug Range - Vienna Linen & Vienna Grey)

What colour?

Two-tone, patterned or dark coloured rugs can hide a multitude of sins! Consider this when deciding if your rug is going in a high traffic area, under your dining table or whether you have messy kids or pets. 

If not maintained light coloured Rugs can show their age faster so consider this when choosing your rug. Light coloured rugs are perfect for low traffic areas such as bedrooms. 

Click here to read our tips on how to care for your rug.

Brooklyn - stone white

(Pictured: Brooklyn - Stone White)


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