Living Room Rugs - 5 Trends You Should Consider

Living Room Rugs - 5 Trends You Should Consider

Buying a Rug? Here is 5 Trends to Consider

Trends come and go and it's no different in interior design. Throwing out the flared jeans to buy the latest skinny jean is a lot cheaper to do than continually restyling your house to keep up with your favourite home magazine.
Quality over quantity will always prevail. Investing in timeless pieces that will endure evolving trends and stand the test of time is the true testament to good interior design. 
Rugs have the ability to transform a room by influencing the feel and emotion of the space. By switching out a vintage look rug with a beautiful chunky wool rug (or vice versa) you instantly change the entire vibe of your room. Think of your rug as the foundation to your room and then build off it with furniture and decor.

Play with Colour

Clever use of colour can transform your space. Colour is research proven to affect your mood. Thats why you should be mindful when choosing colour for your space. Do you want to have a calming and relaxed vibe or do you want to feel uplifted and energised. What works in your master bedroom might not in the kids playroom, it's all about shopping with intention and choosing wisely.

Keep it neutral

Neutral colours just won't date. Neutral rugs are timeless in their simplicity. If you are going neutral, think about where your rug is going. Do you have children or pets, is your zone a high traffic area, do you wear shoes inside. The answers to these questions can determine the tone of the rug and whether you need to incorporate a rug with 'movement' ie a two-toned rug.

Play with Pattern

Vintage style rugs are everywhere. With a nod to modern French interior design, vintage rugs can make your space feel homely and lived in. Mixing new pieces with old treasures makes your space feel unique and cosy.

Play with Texture

Add dynamic interest and warmth to your space with textured rugs. From hand braided to felted loop pile rugs. Texture gives your rug that luxurious, warm and inviting look. Typically, such rugs are made from wool but technology has advanced so you are now able to get similar rugs made from synthetic fibres. Enabling you to get the luxurious look for less. 

Layer it

Layering your rugs adds interest and is a quick way to change up your space. Typically this came about when vintage brought rugs were too small for the space, laying it ontop of a larger, relatively inexpensive jute rug means you can still use the rug you love but it will still look right for the space. Now that the trend has taken off it really has no bounds and any rug or style is fair game. Below is three examples of layered rugs;  a classic vintage piece, a Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug and finally a modern chunky wool rug. Three different rug styles, 3 different looks.
Still stuck? Read our blog here for more ideas and tips. We are also available by live chat for free styling advice. 
Happy Shopping X

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