Vintage Moroccan Boujaad Rug | Farah

This vintage rug is originally weaved on traditional weaving looms by Berbers in the high-middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco, making each rug truly unique, rare to find the same one, and just simply beautiful. This stunning vintage rug is made from natural sheep wool with natural dye, with an elegant bespoke design. 

Our range of Authentic Vintage Moroccan rugs are cleaned using traditional methods before leaving Morocco. However, occasionally there may be traces of desert sand left within the rug fibres which will resolve after vacuuming.

We strongly suggest that you only use professional rug cleaners to clean these delicate, one of a kind, vintage pieces. Regular shaking of your rug to remove dust and debris combined with vacuuming is usually enough to keep your rug looking beautiful.

Each of our Vintage rugs are handmade by berbers using traditional techniques, there may be flaws, imperfections or signs of wear evident. These are not faults, rather they add to the unique story and charm of your rug.

Please note: Each Vintage rug is one of a kind. Once it’s sold it’s sold. Our rugs are ethically sourced directly from Morocco. Please choose carefully, as due to the vintage nature of these rugs they cannot be returned. 

  • 100% Authentic, Vintage Wool Rug
  • Beautiful, Vintage Condition
  • Handmade by berbers in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains
  • Each piece is truly unique

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